GitOps - Git For Ops People

I want to show you that even as someone who works solely in Ops or Support, embracing Git as a tool will save you time, effort and it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it first seems.

If you answer Yes to any of the following then this blog post is for you:

Git seems daunting, why do I need to learn new software when what I currently do works?

I’m not a developer so why do I need developer tools?

I’m the only one that uses these scripts, so is there any point?

My scripts are only 20 lines long, why do I need source/version control?

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PSDay 2018

I’m sat on the train back from London after PSDay 2018 reflecting on what was a really good conference, the sessions, the speakers, learning about topics that you wouldn’t necessarily have exposure to but most of all the conversations, sharing of ideas and spending time with attendees who are enthused about PowerShell and technology.

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Converting Images to Video & GIF with FFMPEG

At my previous place of work I was asked to look into the feasability of adding a timelapse options to our service catalogue so that we could consolidate 3rd party usage and save money.

Different Suppliers = Differing Costs and Varied Results

So as a company we were using different companies who all provided different equipment, different support models and services which then yielded different results on the output. So I started looking at how we could procure the equipment and provide a better service as standard utilising some existing infrastructure and some automation.

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Inheriting Preference Variables into Scriptblocks

So I recently created a module to using Powershell sessions to invoke commands on remote machines.

Preference Variables not inherting from Parent Scope

I hit an issue during testing and was trying to diagnose the issue so I added some Write-Verbose commands to assist with this except the verbose preference was not inheriting from the parent scope.

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Store Encrypted Credentials For Easy Recovery

I seen a post a long while back on Idera, to store multiple credentials for easy retrieval and store them in a secure manner.

Yes, there’s a thousand different ways to store passwords and the passwords to your passwords but security isn’t always convenient and should be secured with MFA so it quickly becomes tiresome to retrieve and store passwords.

Setting security aside for one minute, this is my take on a multi-password store which I can quickly access saving me a tonne of time on a daily basis.

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Generating Passphrases Instead Of Passwords

Security vs Memorability

If you are involved with identity management you’ll have encountered the password length and duration scenario, you will most probably have encountered and discussed the password vs passphrase at great length and embarked on the discussion:

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Powershell Module Development Livestream

A few months back I accidentally caught a live stream of someone developing a powershell script module on Twitch. It was an interesting concept that I had not seen before and it intrigued me as you were able to see the thought processes that went into creating the module and it offered insight into why someone chose the logic they did and also allowed you to witness any issues that they encountered on the way.

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VSCode Focus Terminal Keyboard Shortcut

I am one of those people who doesn’t like using the mouse or at least I try to remain using the keyboard to perform as many tasks as possible. I also have a few issues moving between the editor and the terminal in Visual Studio Code, so when I click the in the terminal it isn’t always acknowledged and I end up typing over a block of highlighted text and have to Ctrl+Z my way out of it, which is just asking for trouble.

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