Why a blog?

I am a note taker when I am learning a technology or concept. Most of the notes that I take are in physical form on paper with a pen or pencil as this helps reinforce the things I have read or watched, even if I don’t refer back to the notes, the very act of writing stuff down helps it stick in my memory.

I figured that a blog would help solidify some of those notes into reference material for myself but also material that others may find beneficial.

Blog posts started out mainly consisting of Powershell, Windows Server Administration tasks but as my experience has started moving to a more DevOps and Software Engineering focus and my willingness to learn new technology changes, the content will likely follow suit.

A little bit about me

I left school after studying an NVQ in engineering, trying out an engineering apprenticeship which involved metalworking, CAD/CAM machining and technical drawing before moving into the building trade as a joiner/carpenter. Since then I have worked in IT related roles since 2007/2008.

I started out on a helpdesk role assisting peeople with their EUC devices back when everything was Office 2003 and Windows 2000 or XP and we didn’t have remoting software tools. There I found the love and passion for solving technical problems and I hung around 😄.

Since then I have held various IT Operations roles, a team lead role for a service desk of a FTSE 250 company with 15k seats 3rd Line/Wintel/SysAdmin roles. This has organically diverged from your general corporate IT roles to more software focused with my recent roles for SaaS companies. This has definitely been a catalyst for my ambitions and willingness to focuse more on software engineering and delivery practices.

In my first SysAdmin role I began learning Powershell as a means to automate dull tasks, mainly around Active Directory and user management but little did I know that this would lead me on a path to writing code on a daily basis in a multitude of programming languages, learning about testing and publishing code and development practices are now a mainstay in everything that I do and advocating of DevOps and software engineering practices.

Hopefully some people find some of the content I share here useful and if you would like to reach out to me then I am more than happy to assist where I can.