Powershell Module Development Livestream

A few months back I accidentally caught a live stream of someone developing a powershell script module on Twitch. It was an interesting concept that I had not seen before and it intrigued me as you were able to see the thought processes that went into creating the module and it offered insight into why someone chose the logic they did and also allowed you to witness any issues that they encountered on the way.

I decided that this was an avenue I was going to explore and as I already had an idea for a new Powershell module I may as well stream the creation process. It would show others my workflow of creating a module and hopefully the audience and I could all learn something.

Around the same time there was a poll posted on Twitter by Adam Bertram prior to the launch of techsnips.io and VS Code live share and this had me wondering whether streaming Powershell development was actually “a thing” and i just hadn’t realised. It turns out it’s not a massively popular concept but there were a few people already doing exactly this. Josh King had been doing this for a while and he has a collection of videos on his YouTube which you can watch back at your leisure.

I decided to put down in writing a brief itinerary of the stream, as a way of forcing my commitment but also so I can reference it at a later date to ensure I’m not going on too much of a tangent.

  • I will stream my workflow of Powershell module creation from scratch.
  • It will include Pester Tests (Oh Lord!).
  • It will include usage of Git and hosted publicly on Github.
  • It will include publishing to the Powershell Gallery.
  • At present it will be a DSL (Domain Specific Language).
  • Hopefully have a build process in place (Build, Test, Deploy)
  • Any of the above points may change at any time.
  • It will be based around a product still in it’s infancy but I’m hoping it will be beneficial to the PS community.

I am still looking at times for streams but it will likely be:

  • 20:00 BST
  • Weekly Streams (Children, wife, dogs, life dependent)
  • Streamed on Youtube
  • Available to replay at any time.

I will be looking at my diary (AKA_: Checking with my wife so I don’t double book_) for the first stream but hopefully within the next 2 weeks then weekly thereafter.